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Michael Bradley Attorney

Michael Bradley, an accomplished attorney from Covington, Louisiana, has forged a remarkable 17-year career with an unwavering commitment to justice and professionalism. His journey in the legal profession began with notable achievements as a public defender, where he set exceptional records for the highest plea-to-dismissal ratios in Louisiana. These early successes were not just professional milestones but also strong indicators of his dedication to fairness and justice, laying a solid foundation for his future in the legal field.

Transitioning to private practice, he expanded his legal repertoire, encompassing criminal law, family law, personal injury, maritime law, and parole matters. The substantial growth of his firm over the years is a testament to his legal expertise and dedication to client advocacy. His ability to navigate diverse legal areas reflects a comprehensive understanding of the legal system and his commitment to providing top-notch legal services.

Additionally, he has significantly contributed to shaping the broader legal community. He co-founded and chaired the Criminal Division of the 22nd Judicial District Bar Association in St. Tammany Parish. This role was pivotal in enhancing the efficiency and fairness of the criminal justice system, demonstrating his commitment to improving the legal profession.

Michael Bradley Attorney’s balanced approach and steadfast dedication to his clients have garnered recognition among the top 100 trial attorneys in the United States. Furthermore, he has been honored as Northshore’s Favorite Attorney, accolades that underscore his exceptional legal skills and commitment to justice.



Michael Bradley Attorney

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